Tony Fletcher is the author of a dozen books, including several best-selling music biographies, a memoir, a novel and more. Born in the UK in 1964, he started the fanzine Jamming! during the punk rock explosion of 1977, which led him into further areas of the music and media worlds, and eventually into writing books. Fletcher moved to New York City in the late 1980s, and to the Hudson Valley in the mid-2000s. Throughout, Fletcher has written for a multitude of publications, and appeared on and/or produced various TV, radio and podcast shows. He enjoys weekend work as a Show Director at the Woodstock Rock Academy, running the local Catskill mountains (and roads) and hosting his own outdoor lifestyle podcast, One Step Beyond and The Fanzine Podcast. A founding member of the early 1980s new wave/power pop group Apocalypse, he now makes music again with the group's former singer Tony Page as The Dear Boys. Record Collector said of their debut single 'Yes Men'/'Action' “this lovely yet obscure 45 should be recognised as one of the unobtrusive little glories of British guitar pop.”